Energy Star Products for the Commercial Foodservice Industry

In the commercial foodservice sector, the adoption of Energy Star-rated commercial foodservice equipment is not just a trend but a crucial element in running a cost-effective and environmentally responsible operation. As the industry observes Earth Month, there’s a heightened focus on the practical benefits and innovations offered by leading brands like Atosa, Beverage Air, Continental Refrigerator, Delfield, Eurodib, True, and Turbo Air.

This article from us at TI Restaurant Design & Supply provides a deeper analysis of these manufacturers’ products and explores the advanced technologies that set them apart.

The Value of Energy Star for Experienced Operators

For foodservice professionals well-versed in the basics of Energy Star products, the focus shifts to understanding the specific innovations and technological advances that these appliances offer. Energy Star-certified appliances use 10 to 50 percent less energy than standard models. This efficiency is achieved through advanced components like high-efficiency compressors, improved insulation, and more precise temperature and defrost mechanisms which are pivotal in commercial settings where appliances run continuously.

Advanced Features of Specific Brands

Atosa USA

   – Product Highlight: Atosa’s upright refrigeration units, like the MBF8507 and YR450-AP-161, feature an environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant system, which significantly reduces the global warming potential typically associated with refrigeration.

   – Innovative Aspect: Their units include digital temperature control systems allowing for precise temperature management critical in commercial kitchens, minimizing energy waste and improving food safety.

Beverage Air

   – Product Highlight: The Horizon Series Refrigerators are noteworthy, featuring adaptive defrost functions that reduce energy consumption during off-peak hours.

   – Innovative Aspect: These models come with electronic control systems that provide clear visibility of operational status and health diagnostics, aiding in preventative maintenance and energy management.

Continental Refrigerator

   – Product Highlight: Their Designer Line Refrigerators include advanced airflow systems that ensure even cooling, which helps in maintaining consistent temperatures without overworking the refrigeration system.

   – Innovative Aspect: Continental’s products often incorporate eco-friendly insulation materials that not only improve thermal efficiency but also contribute to a product’s overall sustainability.


   – Product Highlight: The Coolscapes line features top-mounted refrigeration systems, which are easier to clean and reduce the risk of food contamination while being more energy-efficient.

   – Innovative Aspect: Delfield utilizes adaptive controls in their units, which adjust operations based on internal and external conditions to optimize energy usage.


   – Product Highlight: Their commercial dishwashers, like the model Lamber DSP4DPS, have been designed with low water features and use only 2 liters of water per rack.

   – Innovative Aspect: Eurodib models often include double-skin doors for better thermal retention and quieter operation, enhancing the work environment and saving energy.


   – Product Highlight: True’s T-23-HC reach-in refrigerator is a standout, employing hydrocarbon refrigerants which drastically reduce energy costs and are less harmful to the environment.

   – Innovative Aspect: True incorporates LED interior lighting across its product line which consumes less power and emits less heat than traditional bulbs.

Turbo Air

   – Product Highlight: Their M3 and Turbo Air series feature a self-cleaning condenser device which extends the life of the compressor by preventing dust build-up, thus maintaining energy efficiency over time.

   – Innovative Aspect: Turbo Air’s hot gas condensate system is specially treated to resist corrosion, reducing the risk of refrigerant leakage and increasing efficiency.

Strategic Benefits for Foodservice Operators

Beyond basic energy savings, these advanced features contribute to a lower total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance needs and extending the lifespan of equipment. Operators can leverage these technological advancements for better food safety compliance, less environmental impact, and enhanced customer satisfaction due to more reliable service.

As the foodservice industry continues to evolve, embracing these sophisticated Energy Star-rated commercial foodservice equipment is essential. This Earth Month, operators have the opportunity to deepen their commitment to sustainability while bolstering their operational efficiency. Brands like Atosa, Beverage Air, Continental Refrigerator, Delfield, Eurodib, True, and Turbo Air are leading the way, offering top-tier products that meet the rigorous demands of modern commercial kitchens. By investing in these technologies, foodservice professionals are not only optimizing their energy use but are also positioning themselves at the forefront of the industry’s sustainable future. 

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